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Introduction to WinStar: The first course for WinStar new hires. It covers the History of Telecommunications, Telecommunications Today, and Why WinStar--our strategy and place in the industry.
Local Products Summary: Contains a synopsis of WinStar's local products and services.
Local Products & Services: Presents a detailed introduction to WinStar local products and services.

Long Distance: Provides an overview of WinStar's long distance products and services.
Network Voice Mail Tutorial Helps CSRs resolve customer troubles and answers basic questions about WinStar's Network Voice Mail products.

Office of the President: Introduces the Office of the President (OOTP) and discusses its history, purpose, and procedures.
  Trouble Handling: Describes trouble handling procedures, including trouble tickets, call backs, escalation, 700 test calls, and quality assurance.

Eudora: Describes how to use Eudora e-mail.