Here are some samples of Michael's work. The web-based items were developed in the 1990s. Keep in mind that they are presented out of their original context. So, some hyperlinks may not be active.

Web-based Material

Winstar University

Created for an international telecommunications provider, WinStar University was the central point of all corporate training.


Part of WinStar University, Socrates prepares newly hired Customer Satisfaction employees to attend New Hire training. Socrates works best with Internet Explorer.


Partners are versatile training tools. They use real-life situations to prepare for classroom training, provide follow up support after training, and serve as an ongoing reference.

Self-study Workbook

This workbook helps Peace Corps Volunteers incorporate Community Content-Based Instruction into their work. It also helps them integrate into their new community.


Leader-led Material

Finding Common Ground

Based on a course I developed for TSA called Conflict Management Essentials, Finding Common Ground uses principles of transformative learning to help participants better understand and deal with conflict. I developed this version of the course for the Copyright Office at the Library of Congress. The Copyright Office was in the process of a major re-engineering, which can be a time of much conflict. This course takes less than 4 hours and can be run by anyone with good facilitation skills. A background in mediation or conflict management is not necessary. There is a Leader's Guide, a Participant's Workbook, and (alas) a PowerPoint presentation.


Managing Through Civil Rights

I worked with the Office of Civil Rights at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to develop this three-hour course for managers. Managing through Civil Rights helps supervisors and managers question their assumptions about civil rights and responsibilities in the federal workforce and provides an opportunity to interact in teams to demonstrate the benefits of managing through civil rights. This material was delivered throughout the country by staff with basic instructing skills and includes a Leader's Guide, a Participant's Workbook, and a PowerPoint Presentation